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The Evolutionary Advantage of Christianity

I’m in the middle of reading an article titled Why the intelligent design lobby thanks God for Richard Dawkins by Madeleine Bunting of The Guardian news magazine and have come across various statements in it:

“Dennett cites those who argue that faith improves cooperation within groups (though not between them). This argument raises the crucial question of whether, in an era of globalisation and limited resources, religion has outrun its evolutionary advantage.”

Christians successfully persuade people of hostile life-destroying groups such as the atheist group to be cooperative all the time, and help millions from various anti-Christian groups (to varying degrees) each year to become saved Christians or for a while, outwardly peaceful Christians. Since when have atheists spontaneously decided to become Christians? Since when as any non-Christian? They don’t, they become Christians because of either the Bible, penned by Christians under God’s control, and / or because of recorded or in person persuasions made by Christians after the Bible was written. It is false to claim Christians only improve cooperation between their groups. Furthermore Christians helped invent or nearly entirely some historians believe the modern scientific methods. And many Christians are scientists or inventors who have helped improve living standards for people all over the world. Some are doctors and nurses who help non Christians and often free of charge. So none of that improves cooperation outside of Christians? Wow. Now that is major historical ignorance and ignorance of the common place things that happen around you. Talk about opinion-obsessed and bigotry.

Also from the article:

“No one argues that it’s a useful project for year 10s to research flat-earth theories, so why intelligent design?”

Why doesn’t the deliberate history and science ignorant find out instead of asking a question that has been repeatedly answered by the Bible for 6000 years? Why doesn’t he read the scientific evidence from anti-creationists and creationists which has been put out for the past 100 years or 6000? And is the type of ignoramus who thinks asking a sarcastic question = scientific evidence? And is the type of bigot who believes only “scientific evidence” counts as evidence? There is no scientific evidence for micro evolution. He would know that if the ranter bothered to read more than his own ancient parroted myths of walking fish with toes interested in sex and eating popping out of magical puddles from an imaginary billions of years old magical bomb from no where.

Also from the article:

“All protagonists in a debate have a moral responsibility to ensure that the hot air they are expending generates light, not just heat. It’s a point that escapes Dawkins.”

It’s a point that escapes you too Miss Bunting.

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