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A Critical Critique of the Critical Thinking Skills of Harvard University’s Evolutionists

According to some evolutionists at Harvard evolution has been proven true to everyone in the world. Yeah.

Some excerpts from their rant “Snails Caught in Act of Evolution” with my commentaries:

“Walking along the south shore of Great Inagua Island, the Agassiz Professor of Zoology noticed a telltale change in the shells of land snails scattered on a mud flat. He saw large, finger-shaped shells of Cerion excelsior, an extinct snail once widespread in the Bahamas. Nearby were smaller, rounder, vertically striped shells with prominent whorls, belonging to a species called Cerion rubicundum

He found devolved snails, small and puny. That’s some great convincing “proof” of evolution already. Why is it “proof” of MICROevolution (yes, there are more then two kinds despite evolutionists repeatedly “forgetting” that important fact) always comes in less complicated punier versions of their ancestors?

“The history of life on Earth is written in shells, bones, footprints, and imprints found in mountains, canyons, and at the bottom of the seas. Over millions of years, movements of air, water, and continents destroy these silent signs, creating gaps in the natural record, or the fossils are scattered and compressed in different layers of sedimentary rocks.”

In other words, “Satan did it; he removed layers of strata and put all those inexplainable fossils, polonium halos, and artifacts that ‘shouldn’t be’ in millions or billions of year old strata and rocks. If not, then God is oh so devious trickster for making us evolutionists assume the earth is billions of years old. He made them draw false conclusions. God made us do it. Forget the fact he let others figure out the truth and he spread it at the cost of their family and lives, they are liars and don’t deserve to speak! Cuz!”

Moving on:

” … That was just a theory, however; Gould hadn’t proved it. … the researchers used a more expensive and time-consuming clock, the decay of radioactive carbon present in the shells. … The oldest hybrids, those most resembling excelsior, were alive about 17,000 years ago. The youngest fossils, those most resembling the rubicundum invaders, lived on Great Inagua as recently as 3,000 years ago.”

Cuz faulty radiocarbon dating which is unreliable after 5000 years according to your own anti-creationists said so: see What about carbon dating? “The dates provided enough proof for Gould and Goodfriend to go public.”

Not enough proof for me and saved creation scientists however.

“They published their findings in the Dec. 13 issue of Science, the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (and got applauses from ignorant, wannabe scientists desperate for vain exaltation and easy and gullible “chics” and the back pats and prizes of deluded anti-creationists, therefore: Snails Caught in Act of Evolution By William J. Cromie of the Gazette Staff is true.)

So Harvard is a university of critical thinking skills and “higher learning” huh? Evolve into reality already.

Now here’s a” real” article on snails: The Historical Development of the Old-Earth Geological Time-Scale

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