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Yet Another Atheist Pretending to Be a Scientist Exposed

On amazon you can find a false review by IslandMoonWatcher (because the amazon moderators are anti-christian bigots who refuse to be fair to Christian authors and film-makers unless maybe you complain). Here my refutation:

“More idiotic drivel from the creationist camp.”

Cuz u said so, and whatever the false scientist says who provides no evidence says is true, is true.

“It actually deserves zero stars. Even your own evangelists like Chuck Colson, Phillip E. Johnson and Hugh Ross agree on a “Big Bang”, ie; God waved his magic wand about 14.7 billion years ago (or 6,600 years ago….whatever) and “POOF”,”

Cuz u said so, and whatever the false scientist says who provides no evidence says is true, is true.

“the universe and everything else was magically created out of pixie dust–fully aged of course,”

Who said it was created by pixie dust you slandering hypocrite? Slandering hypocrite where did the big bang come from? Ooops? Blind and bigoted much? Second, contradictory hypocrite, who said it appeared fully aged? Just because something as an appearance of age to you = it’s therefore aged? You can that science you ranting, slandering, hypocrite? Hypocrite, if it was created new, then the AGE is not AGED you hypocrite, big duh. Also hypocrite it’s already been shown that a new geological feature can have the appearance of being aged, see Tuluman Island you arguer from ignorance.

“like a good cheese.”

God has problems making good cheese? Are you stupid? Why would it be hard for God to make good cheese if he can make a universe? Can you make any sense you babbler?

“PLEASE get a life”

Say what about eating your words?

“and leave science to scientists, not fairy-tale mythicists.”

Cuz the non-scientist said so, and whatever the non-scientist says is true is true.

“Maybe I’ll write a convincing-sounding fairy tale story about Noah and the Flood so I can sell books to the choir and steal a few thousand dollars too! “

So stereotypes = the truth? Hypocrite? So over 40 million Presbyterians and Baptists including their pastors and elders donating their hard earned money, not out of their riches and risking their lives to save others in third world countries and gang plagued areas, not thanks your evil silly Darwin god’s racist preaching and you who parrot it like you’ve done here, are stealing and greedy? Thanks for the deep reasonless hatred that is the heart of a atheist myth-loving evolutionist.

Note: Notice you can’t tell what IslandMoonWatcher has “reviewed”? So this is atheist “science” for you: ranting stupidity and falsely accusing others of the very evil the love.

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