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2nd Blog On Carl Flygare, a Super Anti-Christian Bigot

Note that the moderators of amazon.com are severe hypocrites. They have deleted my reviews for being “dissertations” and always reviews which are on anti-Christian books. Yet why then do these hypocrites allow Carl’s dissertations which are much longer then the longest reviews they’ve deleted? Here is another example of Carl’s ranting stupidity masquerading as a scientific review:

Carl Flygare – The wannbe scientist and bigot who amazon moderators sanction

January 3, 2008
A Kid’s Review (lol, Carl is a kid? Something tells me not, emotionally it’s no doubt true though. Look up the definition of kid instead of taking Carl’s word for it).

Since Car refuses to give a true review, and the amazon hypocrite moderators approve of that, shouldn’t I, a Christian, also be allowed to post a non-review in like manner? At least mine are true. Now, let’s analyze what the bigot ignorant Prententious Carl the Mentally Ill Mad Raving Wannabe Scientist and Contentious Genie said:

Apologetics Cross-Dressed As Science Redux, or Whack-a-Mole 2.0, November 30, 2007

By Carl Flygare

“Did you know that Master Books, the publisher of “The Young Earth: The Real History of the Earth – Past, Present, and Future” by John Morris, President of The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) is the publishing arm of the ICR – an ethical, functional, intellectual and in this case incestuous oxymoron – staffed by a bizarre bestiary of barking-mad biblical literalists; a priori dedicated to the preposterous presupposition that any myth or fable in the Bible – however hermeneutically contrived or at odds with objective reality – must trump the findings of modern science?”

Yawn. When will Carl stop wasting time being pretentious, pretending that his ranting mockery is evidence. When will this demon-loving hypocrite get down to real science?

“The Master Books mission statement commits to “Publishing creation-based materials for all ages that defend the Bible from the very first verse.” No reputable mainstream publisher would ever consider or release such a farcical farrago of fervent faith-based fantasy – Morris essentially self-published his own book, the iconic imprimatur of a crank.”

When will this hypocrite review the book and stop pretending to be putting forth evidence of wrong doing? We’re waiting.

“This “Revised and Expanded” edition, burdened by an equally puerile fact and content-free PowerPoint presentation on CD (for witnessing to the witless perhaps), regurgitates the same creationist canards, denialism, and fallacies – in the service of the supposedly divine – that defaced and laced the original printing of “The Young Earth” in 1994.”

Learn what evidence hypocrite: Hint, it doesn’t mean, “Whatever Carl the hypocrite says it means.”

“Morris falls into the “God said it, I believe it, that settles it” dogma dumpster”

Why is this hypocrite raving and slandering? Why is he taking Morris and all creationists out of context? Lying hypocrite who needs to learn what context means, we believe God because what he says is evident you moron, not because someone called God merely said it you moron. That is why the book Morris wrote and Ken Ham contains scientific evidence you moron, not simply one page with one sentence saying “God said it therefore it’s true.” Idiot liar, stop lying already. You’re not cool, you’re a lying hypocrite who thinks his opinions are evidence in and of themselves.

“but surreptitiously substitutes “I said it, God agrees with it, that settles it logic.”

Carl said it, therefore it’s true. You hypocrite, you are doing the very thing you are falsely accusing Morris and Ken and Duane for doing. You hypocrite, we present scientific evidence and logical evidence, where the hell is yours you raving hypocrite? Your logic stinks, when will you come up with actual evidence?

“He uses God like a ventriloquist uses a dummy – by putting words into his mouth – to defend otherwise indefensible arguments from authority; a desperate gambit necessary to sustain a contorted and contrived strain of anti-intellectual Christian fundamentalism with spectacularly inane pseudoscience.”

Massive hypocrite insults and mere claims are not evidence and of themselves. Because Carl said it does not make it true. When do you think Carl will stop being such a hypocrite and pretending that what he says is true merely because he said it? This is Carl the hypocrite’s logic:

“If a Christian says it it must not be true, if an anti-Christian like me Carl says it, then it must be true.” That’s you, hypocrite, not us. Carl the hypocrite then said:

“”The Young Earth” – with increasing ineptitude in every chapter – attempts to justify a 6,000 year old Earth; a harlequin hypothesis conjured into existence by Archbishop James Ussher who credulously concluded that the Earth was created on Sunday, October 23, in 4,004 BC. John Lightfoot, a contemporary of Ussher even ventured a time of day – 9:00 AM!”

Massive hypocrite, once again, mere mockery is not evidence in and of itself your opinion is not magically self justifying. Laughing is not evidence. What a hypocrite. The hypocrite then says:

“Over the past two hundred years scientific advances in a number of disciplines, ranging from cosmology to physics and geology, have allowed researchers to determine the age of the Earth with remarkable accuracy – 4.54 billion years (plus or minus 1%).”

Because you said so bigoted moron. Master hypocrite, there are also creation scientists, did you notice? Did you notice super hypocrite that not all say the Earth is billions of years old? Hyper moron how could you miss that when you’ve “reviewed” the books of some of them? Dur? Duh? Doh? Super hypocrite how does it escape your ignorant self that Copernicus, Galileo and Newton, were all creationists? How does it escape your evil self that Christians scientists are the ones who created the modern scientific method and not idiot atheists like you? Big duh. Learn history and stop bashing people merely because they disagree with your stinky breathed self. Here ignorance-lover, more legwork for you:

Five historians all agree that the Bible and Christianity led to the modern scientific methods.

So, Carl the ranting hypocrite who posted a false stinky review, will you also post false reviews against those historians and pretend to be a historian yourself? Clearly the rest of your rant is not worth reading. You are a stubborn rebellious hypocrite trying to look cool, dying for worthless temporary back pats and invitations to parties from fellow hypocrites like yourself. See how many back pats you’ll be getting in Hell.

Note to my readers, amazon moderators have deleted my reviews on various anti-christian and anti-calvinistic books for being dissertations, yet they sanction Carl’s false raving reviews which are at least twice the size of my longest reviews. Amazon’s CEO sanctions the moderators’ actions, that makes amazon.com an anti-christian company who merely tolerates Christian books so as to not look totally biased and lose all their Christian customers. I suggest you buy the books through my amazon store and boost their rank to the top of amazon’s book rank and by doing so push their junk propaganda to the bottom.

  1. Ella Gardner
    March 25, 2010 at 10:19 PM

    I don’t find your criticisms [deleted by knight]

    • March 25, 2010 at 10:51 PM

      I didn’t find your criticism, whatever it was, to be useful. Try not talking like a narcissist with your first words and combining that with the email of a moron the next time you want me to listen to you. Ok Misses “Whatever I don’t find to be useful criticism is good criticism for me to let you know”? Who cares about your mere feelings and opinions Ella except other feelings sprayers like yourself? Didn’t you pick that up from me from the first criticism I made against Carl’s conniving critical rants? Clueless huh?

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