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Obscure Arminian Kent R. Rieske Calls All Arminian UFO Sighters Deluded by Satan and More

On Dec 26, 2007 7:33 AM, in his careless opinion bashing, the Arminius worshiper Kent at RieskeKR@aol.com accidentally bashed all Arminius worshipers who have seen UFO’s. Since Arminus worshipers far outnumber those who believe in permanent salvation by Christ’s grace alone, Arminians are the majority of those who see UFO’s along with Buddhists, Atheists, and Muslims. The comic-looking font is the actual font and style he used along with an altered mocking subject heading (in other words he changed the original subject line – he’s real mature and serious guy eh?):

Re: Calvinist Who Believes In UFOs Goes Ballistic.

“[…] I am not surprise that you believe in UFOs, since you are also a Calvinist. Boy… [text deleted due to the fact this Arminian is an obviously contentious, and deceived moron].


Those few pieces I read of his reply had kept my eyes from reading whatever else stupidity had been in reply. One of the problems of being an opinion basher like Kent, is that such bashing repels the eyes and ears of those you hope to bash. So, there you have it, an oh so loving Arminian not just refusing to repent of his blatant opinion-bashing bigotry, misquoting me by calling me a Calvinist, and bashing all government officials, all police officers, pilots, everyone, including all Christians from Arminian to Calvinistic as being gullible and deceived, and deluded by Satan while gloating, mocking, and stereotyping on top of it. Great ministry eh? Yet another reason not to worship the deceiver Arminius or to trust his worshipers.

He couldn’t even be bothered to correct “surprise” to surprised”. Real careful guy. That’s the reply of a contentious, self-willed, money-loving, social-climber who is obsessed with airing his own opinions and could care less about the Bible. I checked my file storage site to see if he had downloaded my books which refute Arminian theology using almost 100% verses from the Bible but saw he did not bother to download them. The same is true of a previous Arminian I had recently talked to who also did not bother to download them. That clearly shows what kind of people Arminian-worshippers are.

And wasn’t that just such a beautiful loving Christian reply? “Hahahaha”? Gloating with derision is Christ-like? Calling me a Calvinist implying that I worship Calvin when I said I was Calvinistic = careful and loving? Slandering all Calvinists = loving?

Here was the original message I sent this ballistic babbler:

In a message dated 12/25/2007 10:49:28 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, kyle ain writes:

“The reasons people believe in UFOs and aliens go back to the school education system. Kids are taught that life can evolve given enough time.” [That’s a quote from mocker Kent who illogically associates UFO’s and evolution.]

That’s an idiotic lie. I am a calvinistic Christian, I am saved and how can you not know better than to say something so stupid? How can you be so massively ignorant as to citing a government study (as if all the government is honest or knows what the other hand is doing lol? talk about naive!) and to ignore MILLIONS of sightings and thousands of videos and testimony from people of every walk of life? How can you ignore ancient art showing obvious UFOs and aliens?

I saw two UFOs with my own eyes they were not meteors or airplanes or blimps flares or swamp gas. You have to nearly be nearly a master moron to have said what you did or very lazy or were being very impatient at that time.

I suppose angels are just swamp gas right and God’s glory was a meteor shower? Get real man and stop rationalizing in stupid ways.

Check out the videos in my profile […]


merry christmas

Using Kent’s logic if any kid is taught a lie then there is no chance that they can ever make a correct judgment from then on. That effectively makes Kent’s ministry worthless since there are no kids who haven’t been taught lies. Another problem with his stupid logic is that there are Christians like me who have never been taught evolution in school or who never comprehended being told fossils were millions of years old. I used to have one or two dinosaur books and don’t recall either of them saying dinosaurs were millions of years old and even if I was told that, wouldn’t have understood since when I was a kid I was very poor with math. In fact I have dyscalculia which often corrupts and distorts how I perceive long periods of time. So then how does Ken’s magical judgment corruption apply to me?
Note that I changed the snipurl.com link to a new one so that no one would go to the wrong link.
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