On the Nearly Useless and Damaging Disclosure Project Movement

Greer says big media is worse yet says the media is not free, well the corporate and gov elites are free, therefore they are worse then the media. Greer is one of the naive types who thinks that all aliens are peaceful despite the unfriendly abductions and new age nonsense some of them supposedly tell humans. Greer thinks the aliens of the universe have become concerned about us because we obtained nuclear weapons. Well these aliens sure are useless. Where were they when Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed? Where were they when ancient India was bombed? Where were they when Egypt was bombed? What are they doing about all the people all over the world dying from malaria, chaga’s disease, cancer, starvation, polluted water flowing into the ocean, air pollution? So buzzing about a few nuclear plants or observing them and messing with them a little = concern? Why don’t they buzz around coal polluting plants and diamond and coal mines where coal workers (or slaves) are slowly dying or being murdered? Nuclear plants mean more huh? No, that’s God testing humans to see if they will keep obeying him when faced with mysterious and unknown things and the world is failing his test.

Marrs made an obvious point which is that all aliens are not the same, but later in the documentary Pippin and Webre implies all aliens are peaceful. Pippin suggests that in order to keep fro being abducted you be an ostrich and pretend you don’t see anything and that if you don’t it means you want to be abducted. Really? Is that why most aliens allegedly try and erase or suppress your memory, because you volunteered? Or is it they feel they’ve sodomized you and “don’t” want you to remember?

Does that work with the sun too? There are also two human mutilation cases, done by aliens? Don’t know, but that’s not a good sign.

According to Salla we’re just a “resource” to the Reptilians, not sentient beings in deep moral trouble who could really use some moral, medical, housing, food and environmental disaster help. If Reptilians exist and Salla is right, then maybe Icke is right about these Reptilians being evil..

Salla says “WE” doesn’t know if withholding advanced technology is beneficial or not. Hey, I do know if it’s beneficial or not: If you withhold it from a good person you are doing wrong. If you withhold it from reckless people but still treat the reckless with kindness, you are doing right. The governments of the world who are hiding advanced technology do so for self-centered reasons. That is there way, to do everything that benefits them first.

If Webre is right about these aliens then they are just as useless as the elites U.S. and British government who go about making useless and damaging speeches, traveling here and there, robbing and being stingy, ignoring and ridiculing the poor and needy.

And what is this genetic upgrade nonsense fro Webre? What’s his evidence? Webre is one of those naive vain types that thinks ufo technology will rescue the world from environmental pollution. And what does he think will save us from moral pollution which is even more deadly?

Alan G. Tolman claims we haven’t (as a planet?) said “hello” in a friendly way to the aliens. Well he obviously doesn’t know or could care less about the 100+ million Presbyterians and Baptists who spend their money (and not out of their vast riches) often to help the poor and needy and preach peace in hostile places at the risk of their own lives, risking torture and enslavement. If that’s not saying “hello” in a friendly manner then what is? And why should aliens expect the whole planet to be friendly? So the aliens won’t budge from watching and butt and nose-probing till the whole world says, “Hi, we’re all sane and friendly now, promise!”

The disclosureproject site is selling a book called “Disclosure”, an oh so important on how the good guys are battling the bad guys to get them to admit UFO’s exist and supposedly share the special technology, yet the d.p. website says on the bottom of it’s “donation” page:

“And, NOT INCLUDED IN THE BOOK ‘DISCLOSURE’: A summary of energy and anti-gravity research which shows how the technologies which are being kept secret, because of the UFO issues, hold the answers to our environmental and energy problems. Such as:
# Tesla’s Self-Powered Automobile
# The Moray Radian Energy Device
# Gabriel Kron and the Negative Resistor
# Cold Fusion
# Dr. Randell Mills and Blacklight Power
# and many, many more”

Great! So, not only will the C.I.A., military, aerospace, and oil company elites not show us anything, but we won’t be seeing “many, many more” from DISCLOSURE project either. To me that makes disclosure project a calculated move by the government to pacify rebels who would think to over throw them. It’s a way of making them feel as if they are making progress.

In conclusion, the Disclosure Project is only useful in that it shows UFO’s exist via credible eyewitness testimony or at best and that it might get someone to release technology concerning how to build advanced transportm defense, and medical technology. It is damaging however because many of the people in it are misdirecting people from what really can save their lives forever and so is a quasi-scam, especially since they are selling silly and useless products and using the disclosure website to do so.

Instead of wasting time trying to make the rich budge with silly new age speeches which give false hope, and protesting and threatening, and defending abortion and throwing cut up babies in the trash as if that’s, “Hello we’re peaceful”, turn to God for salvation, get saved, and obey him, and that includes by praying for the governments in power to do the same.

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