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Are All Christians the Same?

For those of you that don’t know, not all Christians are the same, there is one group that is very unlike the others, a group that believes God’s Law is perfect and that he hates it when anyone breaks it. I am apart of that group.

The world calls Christians like me fanatics or extremists (and Catholics call us heretics). Why?

It’s not always because we believe that it’s absolutely wrong to lie, steal, or murder, but for believing that it is wrong because God said not to. Even Catholics detest that. Why? Because they want Christians like me to believe that it’s wrong because the CHURCH said so, in other words, men.

But I’m not a Churchian, or Manian, I’m a Christian, a Christ-follower that is. I’d rather be called an Eternian though, to convey that I believe I have eternal life (a spirit that won’t die) and will be immortal one day.

The usual stereotypes about people like me are that we only think about God or the Bible, actually we usually do and do so to make sure we are not disobeying him, we don’t simply think about it. It’s similar to how the world thinks about themselves all the time and tries to please themselves nonstop (and pleasing themselves can be done by pleasing those they love). So, I’m no fanatic, I do what I do because it is logical, unlike most non-Christians, who do what they do because it feels good to them and seems good to them.

I believe that by obeying God that in the end you will be a happier person because you will be in less pain and if God loves you, one day, you will only feel pleasure.

Another stupid myth is that all Christians believe what they do juz cuz. Ironically it’s just the opposite: The world believes what it does because they feel like what they believe is the truth, not because it is. They often say themselves that what they believe is their opinion (beliefs not based on facts) and in their confusion also claim that science is on their side (forgetting that Christians invented science) while scientific evidence shows the Bible is true (but most people can’t be bothered to read what it is or if they do just laugh it off, as if laughter and their doubt is evidence that what they glanced at is false).

It’s sad I have to say all this to keep people from running from me, but helping a person come to their senses and realize they are in danger is worth the trouble.

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