21 Signs of Narcissism Disorder – The Concise Version

1) Bitter, angry, conniving, but often hiding this hatred. They tend to have childish tantrums, fits of rage, especially, as with anyone else, if they aren’t getting their way. It could be said that narcissists are bipolar due to their bad temper. In other words they have a much greater tendency to get angry and much quicker than the average person. They are easily angered, have a bad temper.

2) Cold speech and behavior, lack of any compassion or nearly undetectable. A narcissist is extremely callous, and due to their lack of normal empathy and inability to experience it, even when seeing clear extreme suffering in front of themselves – aren’t able to sense how inappropriate their lack of compassion is. They are also likely not to care that they lack normal compassion when told, even when sharply rebuked for it due to their inability to feel normal compassion. In other words, since they are blind that they are missing anything, they fail to understand why the anger against them exists at all over their lack of compassion. It’s as if someone is telling them to feel something that doesn’t exist, or telling them they should see a color that their eyes can’t see. They may believe they are being told the truth, but in their arrogance will conclude or delude themselves into believing their lack of compassion is not significant and that the those angry about it are angry over nothing. In
their assumption-prone mind, they are likely to assume to that their lack of compassion is not significant or assume they are normal and others feel too much and conclude that those who feel such great compassion are weak or crazy.

3) Absurdly arrogant behavior and speech, having an absurdly and “insanely” high view of themselves, usually the opposite of what they are and where they are in life

4) Very self-centered. When they try to appear to have normal compassion, something they can’t relate to, they, not often, will most likely ask, “How are you doing” or bringing up something you mentioned that they perceived was important to you, like something you will trying to resolve, but then quickly moving of the topic of you, unless they’ve decided to have fun insulting you.

5) Obsessively seeks attention and praise, even for doing wrong, or knowingly harming you or others unjustly. They want to be worshiped, even if denying it.

6) Extremely hypocritical

7) Lies or exaggerates for various reasons, including to insult and harass others

8) They tend to rant and ramble and for long periods of time, even if they think they are annoying you they will do this.

9) They are more likely to steal or allow theft/damage to the property of others to happen than the average person (because they think little of others and believe themselves to be the most deserving of anything with value).

10) Shows dislike or hatred of authority

11) Hatred of criticism and correction, though it is not always obvious

12) Absurdly paranoid beliefs and responses including irrational suspicions of people who are trustworthy in their behavior in general. Even if a person in general trustworthy and has shown this to a narcissist, the narcissist will always play up any past faults and remember them if they saw any, or even invent them and possibly delude themselves into thinking they actually saw something immoral done by a moral person

13) Ungrateful

14) Exhausting complaining. They are more likely to complain rather than to express thanks and to complain about the same things endlessly, especially during an argument.

15) Childishly impatient

16) Blame-shifting. Even if you can convince a narcissist they’ve done wrong, they will almost always blame someone or something else for the wrong they did, for example, if they hit you, they will think, “Because you provoked me,” or “Because I was under a huge amount of stress” and only be willing to take a tiny amount of responsibility no matter what. In a way though, this is true, because the narcissist is actually suffering from post traumatic stress disorder due to the traumatic emotional and mental suffering they experienced as a child, and any additional ones after wards just make it worse and harder for them to live with. They may even blame God for any acts that others criticize them for, like theft. They may say, “God controls my destiny, it couldn’t be helped”, or “That person probably deserved it, it was divine wrath that God allowed me to do this to that person.”

17) Philosophical, religious, political beliefs: Narcissists tend to be atheistic even if claiming to believe in God or some god. They tend to believe “God” is whatever they imagine, especially themselves. Confusingly, they may say God is on their side, especially when in some argument trying to justify themselves against someone condemning their self-centered behavior, yet secretly may believe the true God is their enemy, unfair, even jealous of themselves (especially when God puts them in such an argument) yet for praise and help from other theists may say the opposite of what they feel or personally believe, that is, “God is good, he doesn’t hate me or anyone else, he loves and forgives everyone, even Hitler.”

18) Narcissists are illogical, lacking common sense or rather tend greatly to reject both. Though a narcissist can have great understanding and insight and have some common sense, it is twisted by their paranoia, naivety, self-centered view of the world, malice, malcontent and thanklessness.

19) Absurd and chaotic paranoia, irrational fears

20) Random gullibility

]Narcissists may seem to lack the ability to read the emotional state of others correctly, for example not understand that certain mannerisms they engage in are very disgusting to others at times, but actually, or more likely, it is that they simply don’t care if they are disgusting anyone or that what they are doing is something beneficial and that whoever is disgusted should be enjoy the disgusting act. A wiser narcissist will realize the importance of how others perceive them to be and so will more likely do disgusting acts in front of a person whom they believe “doesn’t matter”, in other words is of little importance, some obscure person, otherwise they may commit such acts to annoy someone out of revenge or as a cheap way to spread their name even at the cost of degrading their image. To keep this article serious, I won’t mention any examples of such gross or offensive acts, it’s common knowledge what they would be and I don’t think it is necessary to list them all.

Another sign that could be said to indicate narcissism would be negligence (due to their hatred and low regard for others and self-centeredness.

Narcissists act the way they do out of a delusion that they are superior and good and that all others are inferior and evil compared to themselves. They however are the inferior and immoral ones, and their understanding of what makes a person superior and moral is always very flawed.

Some narcissists are evil masterminds, as in they will deliberately learn immoral ways to take advantage of others or “win” or deflect an argument against themselves, condemnation of themselves. Some may pick up on these methods while going to worldly therapy meetings or church meetings, for example learning how wrong arguments are made, for example the use of “red herrings”, subject-switching, “flame-baiting”, putting words in the mouth of others and other various wrong ways of arguing. Some will try to murder others or physically harm them if displeased with them. Though having a decent amount of intelligence, some who try to murder, due to their delusion that others around them are usually gullible and stupid, will then not bother to do much to hide their act of murder or attempt to. It may also be that fail to “cover their tracks” because they find it too annoying and inconvenient to bother with and too lowly task. Such thinking may seem unbelievable since the consequences to a decent-minded person are not worth the risk, that is, to murder or even try, let alone try and physically harm someone, but that is in fact how mentally distorted a narcissist is.

Psychopath Personality Disorder:

A psychopath has no conscience at all unlike a narcissist, and so will act at times in grossly immoral ways (read the ten commandments, and if observed long and carefully enough, you’ll see that the psychopath breaks them all). If the psychopath didn’t acquire a normal amount of patience as a child, their immorality will be very obvious. A psychopath with a good amount of patience and intelligence will, like a narcissist with one, try and mask their abnormal thinking and feelings or lack of them so that they won’t lose what every other human being holds precious, that being their freedom. However, because a psychopath has no moral sense, they will act in rigid ways at times, trying to appear to be normal entirely by thinking about how to act, rather than also with their heart, like a normal person. Due to not caring about the emotional well being of others and having to rely entirely on their mind to act moral and blend in with moral people, the narcissist will often slip up. It may come out as coldly starring at you, even as they stand right next to their “normal” coworkers or acting oblivious to humiliating you. Because psychopaths have zero concern about the feelings of others, they won’t master how to blend in perfectly or manipulate others, and so will always slip up, but it’s also due to them simply not caring about the feelings of others. In other words, because they are devoid of caring for how others feel, the cannot even achieve a perfect deceptiveness, not even if they were tireless and had perfect logic, as perfect logic cannot make up for “having a heart” or a conscience.

Psychopaths only care in that they would have you feel good if it would allow them to continue to live free and help them get the money, other material things they want or sexual gratification, in other words it’s all self-centered concern.

Psychopaths and narcissists are paranoid, or rather become paranoid when they inevitably realize that their bad behavior and speech endangers their freedom and lives. This does not mean that they are more likely to end up in jail or be the ones who end up being hurt, because they are much more likely to lie and scheme to make themselves look innocent and so that they can have an advantage over others. They may try to gain the advantage by becoming a police officer or head of a business over others or cheat to become wealthier than others or steal to gain superior weapons or defenses, or try to jail the innocent, whom they think pose a threat to them because the innocent get the moral in trouble. But, they will readily also try to get in cheap points by attacking the most hated of criminals or wrongfully accused, and simply go with the accusation in order to make themselves look just to the gullible and simple who think that they are better than those being accused and arrested and safe from false accusations and wrongful arrest. Out of fear, they may also try to change the playing field to their advantage by making teaching lies about right from wrong, and try to make everyone like them so that there will be no more moral people left to frustrate and attack them, but also to delight in corrupting the moral or killing them off. They think that that will make their lives easier by getting rid of such an enemy. However, they know that everyone is a danger to them being that they think everyone is competing to keep their freedom, and so may still try to continue spreading what they’ve been told are bad teachings, and which naturally go with their corrupt personality, because they know that the simple and gullible will go along with it and love them for it and that that love will help keep their freedom. An example would be this statement by Angelina Jolie:

I don’t believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don’t judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free.

Angelina may have simply said this however because being a very popular and very rich person in a very corrupt world, that she was free to say how she felt without retaliation or (verbal) correction of any kind. However, it is a fact that an evil person will try and convince you to believe in wrong things in order to take advantage of you. It’s common in life for anyone to lie to you to try and get what you own, to get you to help them or to have sex with them. You don’t have to be a narcissist or psychopath to lie.

Narcissists and psychopaths, even the lightest kind, even the helpful kind, should be imprisoned. Not necessarily in a small cell where they are a drain rather than a benefit, but should be separated from those who don’t have permanent mental disorders to prevent them from spreading their mental illness or provoking others to act as they do even for a moment. If this is not done, the severe problems the world has been suffering will only get worse, as such people rise to positions of authority often and much more quickly due to their cheating, bullying, harming and murdering. And they employ others like themselves, whether on purpose or accidentally due to their misprioritizing and harmful cravings. And because they cause others to end up with the same mental illnesses, as if they were carriers of a virus that with enough time kills all of its carriers when there are no more healthy people left to infect, and because there are no more healthy people to prevent all the carriers from killing themselves or each other off. One day, a narcissist or psychopath may obtain so much power, that before they think they will die, will, for fun or revenge launch nuclear missiles at all the major population areas of the world and the oceans, to pollute them and kill off everything but a few viruses and bacteria.

In short, these people are evil due to their lack of conscience and lack of love for others. They are like demons, some which are minor bullies, others which are violent and will attempt to possess and destroy you. There is no getting them love your much, unless you worship them, but even that won’t get them to treat you well, not even close, and won’t get them to want you to be anything close to being as happy as them or happier (which they would never want). Nor will they ever want you to be happy for the moral reasons, but, with the exception of a narcissist, want entirely the opposite.

Treat a narcissist and psychopath like you would violently haunted house: avoid them as much as possible unless to rescue others from them.

  1. nickpastorino
    February 14, 2014 at 1:45 PM

    You only described narcissists here, not psychopaths. Psychopaths don’t want attention.

    • February 14, 2014 at 9:45 PM

      Of course psychopaths want attention, why wouldn’t they? They just don’t want it as much as a narcissist does. You made an overgeneralization that is for sure. If psychopaths didn’t want attention they’d either all be hermits or kill themselves soon after becoming one. And I never said psychopaths wanted attention, I simply forgot to include a description.

  2. nickpastorino
    February 14, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    A narcissist is an insecure bully that has no interest in love or sex and only uses people for attention and social status. A psychopath will act like a charming nice guy to his victims in order to get whatever it is he wants from them. Narcissists are usually religious people holding powerful jobs and are the victims of an abusive youth where their father may have left them are their mother neglected them (hence why they seek attention above all else). A psychopath is more likely to use people for things like sex, money, and entertainment. A psychopath is not insecure about their worth in society like a narcissist is. Some people are both narcissists and psychopaths, ironically called narcissistic psychopaths. Also, I think a psychopath is born evil due to an impaired amygdala (a lobe in the brain) while a sociopath loses their empathy for others from childhood bullying and abuse.

    • February 14, 2014 at 7:46 PM

      What is your evidence for “Narcissists are usually religious people holding powerful jobs”? Nearly every narcissist I’ve encountered was an atheist or a pagan (with an arbitrary way of worship, so not “religion” but disorganized worship of some god or gods), having no organized religion. I even met one rejected from a catholic church, he was a plain as day narcissist. Dawkins is an obvious narcissist. Further, what does religion have to do with it? Are you implying THEISTS by saying religious? Psychopaths are said to be the tidy ones, by the way, not narcissists. In a way, being tidy is similar to being religious, being organized. I don’t know if that is a myth, and I would think it is being that psychopaths have no conscience, and a lack of conscience leads to disorder. Were Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, and so on, religious? The only religious ones I can think of are various Pentecostals, which though being a type that heaps up many teachers, these are all teachers in general, of low position. A worship leader or bible study teacher for example. The powerful ones I know are narcs are Benny Hinn, Rick Warren, Paul Crouch – dead, Jan Crouch maybe, but she lacks a bitter face that narcissists have as far as I can tell, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, the Dalai Lama (a religious atheist), Alex Jones (an unstable liar who sounds very insincere to me when claiming to be a Christian, especially being that he stereotypes all of them often), Joseph Smith – dead, Mohammed – dead, Caligula (who may have been schizophrenic too) – dead. Surely there are many other religious narcissist with high jobs, as many as there are narcissist Buddhist atheists. However I believe from reason, that a narcissist is more likely to be an atheist. I don’t think this can be said to be an opinion, because they are self-centered, hating authorities, especially good ones, because narcissists are very evil. The more evil you are, the more you will hate what is good, that is inevitable. The more evil you are the more you will love evil, the more good, the more you will love good. And the more evil you are, the more unstable. A narcissist who was raised to believe in God will, I am sure, be often torn between atheism and theism, because of their deep self-centeredness and bitterness. Religion, is not a factor, religion is simply organized worship. In the Bible, God figuratively says true religion is to help widows in their distress, orphans and to keep yourself polluted from the world, in other words to in your heart, be a good person, and if your heart is good, that will be expressed with actions, like helping people who really need help and keeping yourself from doing the evil things the world does. Literally though, religion is organized worship. In the case of Buddhists, it is worship of Buddha, and some Buddhist philosophy/doctrine and ritual. I don’t see any correlation between having a method of worshiping something, and being self-centered, there’s no logical obvious relation. Consider: many to all of the top universities (there’s 100’s of them) will get rid of teachers claiming to be creationists or teaching it. Being a university dean of a top university is one of the most powerful jobs you can have. And I would guess, that if that is how top universities are staffed, that the same is probably true for top private and I would bet public schools too. Evidence that these are all mainly atheist controlled universities: “Eight Catholic universities and colleges made Forbes’ top 100 in its annual list of America’s Top Colleges”. And being that Catholics are by very far the most numberous type of Christians, there must be even few “top” universities that are of some other type of Christian religion, like Baptist. And obviously there are no top Wiccan or pagan universities, as those are types that reject science in general and have a poor understanding of what it is.

    • Debbie
      March 30, 2014 at 4:27 AM

      I am just going to say it. I have been with my husband for 15 years and I can not longer take it. He fits everything spoken of a narcissist. He is very ill. I do not know what to do.

      • April 1, 2014 at 6:27 PM

        The Bible, God’s word, permits husbands and wives to separate if they cannot leave at peace with each other, it applies to members of churches and every situation except in which you are forced, like a slave being held captive to a master. It says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” If this weren’t a command, and was some worldly wisdom, it would make good common sense wouldn’t it? There’s also another verse that tells slaves to win their freedom if they can, in way, at least combined with that other verse, it is perfectly reasonable for a wife to leave a husband who is not just evil, but severely, and permanently so. Get out from under the whip and find a better life if you can. If you’re not saved, get saved first as explained in one of the links above in my journal.

  3. May 8, 2014 at 3:43 PM

    My mother (the most narcissistic creature I have personally known) is now on an atheist high horse. It is her most recent way of getting attention. Mocking Christians is one of her hobbies, along with watching “stupid people” on reality TV. This atheism passion quickly followed a brief, intense claim to be Buddhist. I’m not sure what is next for her–possibly the loony bin.

    • May 9, 2014 at 12:35 AM

      Often narcs and psychos in and in their love to harm others send those better than them away to be locked up or drugged into zombieness from the position of their authority. The ones who end up as authorities are the most dangerous, obviously.

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